With monthly installments in mind, i.e. repayment on equal terms – we immediately decide on a long-term loan. Why? Shorter, i.e. so-called quick payday loans are usually offered for a period of about 30 days and their repayment is made once. For example: you borrow $ 2,000 for 30 days, so after this period you pay the whole commitment.

Long-term loans online

Long-term loans online

Installment loans are a convenient solution for those seeking the possibility of borrowing a larger amount. Their assumption is the long-term possibility of settling the liability. So simply put, you take out a loan in installments and pay back every month. There are a lot of lenders on the market who offer this type of products. In addition, all banks with their cash loans are available. However, in the case of banks, it is not possible to say that the loan will be obtained without certificates. There are, of course, special cases where it is possible, but this usually applies to people known to the bank, i.e. regular customers. People coming from the street are thoroughly verified for creditworthiness.

Certificates are not always required

Certificates are not always required

In the case of loan companies, we do not always have to provide documents confirming our income. Of course, if we borrow a large amount or for a long period of time, the loan company will also request such a document from us. It is much easier in the case of short-term loans, i.e. payday loans for lower amounts. Most of them are offered here without unnecessary documentation, just the ID card itself. Still, installment offers are tempting – it’s a great alternative to a cash loan.

You pay the installments on a monthly basis. The maximum number for which you can take a loan – in most cases is 30. Is about 3 years old.

You can also visit two financial portals with dedicated installment loan offers.

Below is a list of good and proven lenders who offer their clients installment products, i.e. long-term loans. Here you will familiarize yourself with the offer of each of them and you can directly and quickly submit an application online. After verification of all data, the money is immediately transferred to your bank account :

Among our recommendations, we can especially recommend to you:

  • a Viloan loan
  • Zaloan loan

The main thing is to have a choice and tailor the offer to your needs.

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